Our story

From 2012 on ward we started to chase a dream to develop an online platform to provide a digital market place to poor rural artisans, Designers, unknown artists and small scale industry operators to list their creative works and products. Moreover these we have an idea to deliver unadulterated, 100% organic food products and traditional home made foods of Kerala like Pickles, Home made curry products, Seasoned food items, Jack fruit products, Coconut products etc. and whatever produced locally.

Vision and Mission

We took it as vision and mission and started our team work in 2018, finally we started keralokam.com in 2020. We operate this venture from the land of looms and lore, Kannur. Yes we are truly proud of our culture, Heritage and trustworthiness of this land. We consider this business as an ethical business and focuses on purity and service than profit.

To ensure purity of food items we collect raw materials from farmers directly and process them at our facilities. finally we deliver it to your door steps without loosing its quality and flavor.

 So our primary objective is to provide pure organic and unadulterated food grains to the society.    

To buy our 100% natural products visit our shop page https://keralokam.com/shop/


Ship your order at minimum time in neat and safe packing.


As we procure farm produces directly from farmers and processing at homely atmosphere we can assure 100% purity


Only 100% organic preservatives like Sesame oil are used for preservation.


Ensuring high security on financial transactions and processing of buyers personal data.